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Vinewood Alpacas

Looking to buy alpacas or alpaca wool? Then we can help.

Vinewood Alpacas is a family run farm based in Staffordshire, UK, where we started breeding and selling huacaya alpacas & fleeces in 2001 - years! - and we've loved every minute.

Our breeding programme ensures that our herd is continually improving - particularly for conformation and fleece quality. Continue down the page for more information.

Why Alpacas?

We started out with 6 breeding females and a lot of excitement. As the years have passed our experience and herd has grown, though the excitement factor remains the same.

Alpacas are a joy to own and their curiosity is the first thing you will notice. They will often come to see what you are up to when you enter their field. Keeping alpacas with sheep or poultry is also possible and they can help keep these animals safe from foxes.

Alpaca fleece is a beautiful, luxury fibre, which once only Inca royalty were allowed to wear. It was known as ‘fibre of the Gods’. I work in textiles and can testify first hand to what a wonderful, soft, lustrous fibre alpaca is, we have always maintained a range of colours in our herd for this reason. Alpacas come in 22 natural colours and we can provide carded Alpaca fleece and hand spun wool in a variety of these shades.

What do we sell?

What we Sell

Please feel free to send us an enquiry using the form at the bottom of the page if you are insterested in purchasing alpacas or alpaca fleece from Vinewood Alpacas.

Male Alpacas

We sell both stud males and wether males. Wether males make ideal animals for those not looking to breed or small holdings looking for some beautiful, intriguing animals.

Male Alpaca

Female Alpacas

We sell female alpacas with a cria (baby) at foot. Our female alpacas are ideal if you wish to begin breeding alpacas yourself and feel the joy that this brings, or if you wish to grow an existing herd.

Female Alpaca with Cria at foot

Alpaca Wool

We have very good quality alpaca fleeces and alpaca wool available to sell in a range of natural colours. These are all produced from our own herd. I use alpaca fleece for a range of different textile crafts, including weaving, knitting and felting. Not only is it fantasic to be able to use fleece from my own animals, but the quality of the fibre makes it wonderful to work with!

Carding alpaca fleece
Contact Us

Contact Us

Vinewood Alpacas is located in a handy spot near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire and are roughly 30 minutes from Burton-upon-Trent, Stafford and Stoke-on Trent.

Please enquire about the alpacas or the fleeces we have for sale by email to: